CatCard installs charging stations for cities, counties, electric utility companies, educational institutions, multi-family dwellings, and private enterprise locations across the US. Our work as a provider of electric vehicle charging stations can range from small projects with 1 or 2 stations at a single location to a large project with a total of 1,000 stations installed at over more than a hundred locations.

CatCard EV’s experience and expertise spans the spectrum required for successful deployments of EV charging stations. We use the best charging station products and provide the most qualified installation. We offer turnkey solutions, backed by our expertise and experience giving our customers the confidence that their deployment of charging stations will be … Done Right. Done Smart. Done Fast


CatCard EV is uniquely positioned as the best and most qualified provider of EV Charging Station equipment and related services for you.   We are serious about making sure our customers have the best experience and get the best outcome with their deployment of charging stations.  We will advise during the duration of your project and perform with your best interests at heart.


The world has changed. Electric Transportation is now viable and increasingly popular. There are nearly 2 million plug in electric vehicles on the road in the US and that number is increasing. Almost every car manufacturer now has plug in electric vehicles available.

There is a major push across the country to install charging infrastructure for the electric drivers. There are government tax credits and incentives available as well as incentive programs from electric utility companies in many areas that may help reduce your costs. In cities charging stations are being installed where drivers live, work, play, and shop. Charging stations are being added along highway corridors to enable drivers to make longer trips.